Changing from a Fan to a Seller role for a group you're following is easy!

To accomplish this, please complete the following steps:

STEP  1: Download or log in to the Fan Club Fundraising mobile app for iPhone or Android or visit your Fan Club website

STEP 2: From the "My Fan Clubs" page in the main menu, select the Group with the role that you'd like to update

STEP 3: From the "More" option in the bottom navigation, select the "My Profile".

STEP 4: Change the "Fan" role shown to your desired "Seller" role. You'll need to enter your group's Seller Activation Code. You can find this number on the Seller Flyer provided or by asking your Group Leader.

Here's a screen recording showing this process in action:


You'll maintain your Seller status for 9 months. After this point, you'll need to complete these steps again to validate your ability to sell for this group.

To learn more about registering sellers, take a look at our Invite Your Sellers & Fans article.