In order to sell a product, you must first download our mobile app on your device. With our mobile app, you can quickly scan the product’s registered barcode, accept credit card payments, issue order receipts, track your sales, know your sales ranking, and convert all of your customers into raving fans. Here’s how:


  1. Print Product Flyer: In order to sell a product, your Group Leader must have first created that product and then created an event to promote the sale of that product. Once you know they have done this, go to your Group’s Fan Page and login. Scroll down to the Upcoming or Current Events and locate the Product Sale Event for the product that you are wanting to sell. Click on the “Download Sales Flyer” button and print this flyer off. Make sure to bring this with you as you sell your product.

  2. Start Selling: Login to the Fan Club Mobile App using your login credentials and click on your Group’s name. Then, click on the “Sell” button at the bottom. From here, you can either 1) scan the barcode on your printed flyer, 2) enter the barcode number in manually, or 3) if you forgot your flyer or barcode, choose “No Barcode.” This allows you to pick your product from the dropdown. If you are selling more than one product type, you can choose to “Add Another Item” which will allow you to go through the same process for this other product.

  3. Fill in Sell Form: When you have scanned all products you will be selling, you can follow the prompts in the app to fill in all needed customer information. You are even provided with a Seller Script, making the sell process as simple as possible.  

  4. Customers Become Fans: Once you finish your sale, your customer will automatically be registered as a Fan of your Group if they aren’t already a Fan. They will receive Welcome and Verification Emails guiding them through the process.

  5. Sales Receipt Sent: Once the sale is complete, your customer will also receive a Transaction Receipt via email for their records.

  6. Track Your Sales: If you want to keep track of how many sales you have made, you can always scroll over in the app and click on the “Track Your Sales” button. This will show you an itemized list of the sales you have made and the total amount of money you have brought in for your group as a result. It will also tell you your Sales Rank.

  7. Seller Rankings: Want to know how much more you need to sell to be your group’s top Seller? Click on the “Seller Rankings” button in the mobile app to view a list of the sellers in your Group and see how you stack up.