Fan Club Fundraising provides multiple products to Groups. Click here to read descriptions of each product. Once you decide which product(s) you would like to make available to fans, there are a few steps to go through:


1) Create Your Fan Club- In order to start the fundraising process, you must first create your group. During this Fan Club creation process, you will actually set up your first Fundraiser Event, which in this case is an “Evergreen” online donation event. This means that once your Fan Club website is created, fans can immediately begin giving online to your group. At least one fundraising event is required to activate your Fan Club.  


2) Text-to-Give Set up: During the “Create Your Fan Club” process you’ll get to recommend your preferred keyword for your text-to-give code and we’ll do our best to reserve this code for you. Following the approval of your Fan Club, it can take an additional 1 - 4 weeks for your text-to-give keyword to be live on all participating wireless carriers.


3) Register Your Sellers- In order to sell any goods, you must first register your sellers. As the Group Leader, you must communicate the Seller Activation Code to anyone who will be selling products on behalf of your group; they will need this to register as a seller. You can view and change your group’s Seller Activation Code in the admin by clicking on “Groups” and then “Edit Group.” Your sellers will then need to complete the seller registration process. (*Note- Sellers must be at least 13 years of age; otherwise, they must have a parent representative do the selling on their behalf.)


4) Order Discount Cards- If you want to sell our FCF Savings Pass Discount Cards, you will need to place an order. To do this, you must:

-Download the Fan Club Fundraising App.

-Login to the app as a Group Leader.

-Click the Products tab and select the “FCF Savings Pass.” Then click “Order Now.”

-Fill out all fields on the form provided to place your order.


5) Create a Fundraising Event- Once you have taken all of the necessary steps and have received any physical products, you are ready to get the word out! To do this, you must create an event for whatever product you are selling. To do this, login to, click on the “Events” link and then click “Create a New Event.” Fill in all necessary fields, indicating that the Event Type is “Fundraiser (Product Sale)” and choosing the product you intend to sell from the Product dropdown. Once saved, this event will show up on your Group’s fan page as a future or current event (depending on the start and end date you enter in). Fans can now be made aware of what you are selling; and Sellers can print a flyer for them to scan when they go out to sell the product.  


6) Sellers Download Mobile App- In order to sell products, your sellers will also need to download our mobile app on their device. This will allow them to go out and raise more money in less time! With our mobile app, sellers can quickly scan the product’s registered barcode, accept credit card payments, issue order receipts, know their sales ranking, and convert all their customers into raving fans.