Sell Anything!: Fan Club Fundraising allows you to “Sell Anything!” That means you can keep your current suppliers and use the Fan Club Fundraising app to track your sales, grow your fanbase, accept credit card payments, etc. 

Popular fundraising items for you to sell directly include cookie dough, popcorn, gourmet treats, car washes, branded apparel, beef jerky, tumblers, trash bags, concessions - you name it! 


To set up and sell one of your existing products, simply log in to, click on the “Products” link and click “Create New Product.” Once you have created your product, then you must set up an event for this product. To do this, click on the “Events” link and then click “Create a New Event.” Fill in all necessary fields, indicating that the Event Type is “Fundraiser (Product Sale)” and choosing the product you intend to sell from the Product dropdown. Once saved, this event will show up on your Group’s fan page as a future or current event (depending on the start and end date you enter in). Fans can now be made aware of what you are selling; and Sellers can print a flyer for them to scan when they go out to sell the product.