One of the biggest hurdles to fundraising is engaging your fanbase. With Fan Club Fundraising, engaging and keeping your fans “in the know” is easy! One big piece of this is promoting your events. Fan Club Fundraising allows you to publish your group's events both on your public website and the Fan Club Mobile App to increase attendance and awareness. Pair this with our text-to-give option at your events and you have yourself a winning strategy!


To promote your event, you must first create your event in the admin. To do this, login to, click on the “Events” link and then click “Create a New Event.” From there, you must fill in all required fields and be sure to choose the correct event type. There are four different Event Types to choose from:


  1. Fundraiser (Product Sale)- This event type is what you would create if you were going to sell a physical product or begin an online donation campaign.

    Popular Product Sales Examples:
    - Discount Cards
    - Cookie Dough, Gourmet Popcorn, Cookies, Tumblers, Beef Jerky, or Sunflower Seeds
    - Community Car Wash, Bake Sale, Concession Stand

    Typically, you will have an online donation going year-round (“Evergreen”), but there is also the option to choose start and end dates for a fundraising campaign. If you are selling a product, you will need to make sure to choose the correct product for your event and enter in all pertinent information. When sellers log in to view a Product Sale event, they can actually download a flyer for that event which has a product barcode on it. This makes it easier for Sellers to sell because they can simply scan the barcode with their device to allow for speedy transactions.

  2. Fundraiser (Event)- This event type is what you would create if you were going to have a specific event that people would attend where all (or a portion) of the proceeds are collected by a third party and delivered to your Group from that third party.

    Popular Event examples:
    - Restaurant Fundraiser (15% of tonight’s meal supports our Group, popular offers from  
      Chick-Fil-A and Chipotle)
    - Golf Tournament, Walk-a-Thon, Silent Auction

    Again, make sure to fill in all necessary information, including the event location, start and end times, etc. You can also communicate your Fundraising Goal and what you actually made at the event so that fans can be in on the excitement! Fans can also RSVP through your group’s website or through the Mobile App so that you as the Group Leader are in the know as to what to expect the day of your event.
  3. Social, Concert, or Other- Want to promote a pizza party? Create a Social, Concert, or Other event in the admin to get the word out. You can customize your message, upload a photo, and communicate all necessary information through the Fan Club Fundraising platform. Fans can RSVP and even add the event to their calendar with the simple click of a button!

  4.  Games- Promote your team’s games in a whole new way! By creating a Game Event, you can share your upcoming games with fans, providing them with game details: the day, time, location, opponent, and game ticket url. Fans can then RSVP for this event and quickly add it to their calendar, all through our Mobile App or on your group’s fan page. They can also click on your ticket url to purchase tickets when applicable. And if fans have to miss a game? You can even share the final score of your games with fans, keeping them engaged even post-game!