There are a few different types of Events that you can create for your Group in the admin site. Please click on the event type you would like to create below for more specific explanations of each type.

  1. Fundraiser Event- This event type is what you would create if you were going to have a specific event that people would attend where all (or a portion) of the proceeds are collected by a third party and delivered to your Group from that third party. (For example, a restaurant says they will donate 15% of their nightly proceeds to your Group.)

  2. Fundraiser Product Sale- This event type is what you would create if you were going to sell a physical Product using our Fan Club Fundraising Mobile App or begin an online donation campaign.

  3. Social, Concert, or Other Event- Want to promote a pizza party? Create a Social, Concert, or Other event in the admin to get the word out. You can customize your message, upload a photo, and communicate all necessary information through the Fan Club Fundraising platform. Fans can RSVP and even add the event to their calendar with the simple click of a button! 

  4. Game Event- Promote your team’s games in a whole new way! By creating a Game Event, you can share your upcoming games with fans, providing them with game details: the day, time, location, opponent, and game ticket url. Fans can then RSVP for this event and quickly add it to their calendar, all through our Mobile App or on your group’s fan page. They can also click on your ticket url to purchase tickets when applicable. And if fans have to miss a game? You can even share the final score of your games with fans, keeping them engaged even post-game!