When you're ready to set up a Fan Club, email support@fanclub.org five of your favorite group photos and your logo, preferably in a .png format with a transparent background. If you don't have this, our design team will modify it for you.

We'll do 90% of the set up work and send you our Group Leader Invitation email. Within this email is an activation code and a link to review and activate your account.


Check your inbox for our Group Leader Invitation email. This is a system generated email that will be sent by one of our Support Specialists. If you can't find this email, please email support@fanclub.org for assistance.

To complete your Fan Club account set up, please use the Activation Code and instructions found within this email to sign in and activate your Fan Club account.


1) Select your name, and accept our terms of service

2) Invite additional Group Leaders (Administrators, Assistants, Parent Volunteers. etc.) to have access to your Fan Club account. They'll be able to help you publish your upcoming events, load fundraising products for sale, download sales reports, and more.


Please make sure we've listed the correct physical address, website, phone number, and number of sellers for your Group.

We'll use the "# of Sellers" value to help you set fundraising goals and report sales data on the Scoreboard page of the Fan Club Fundraising mobile app. ?


Every Fan receives 3 FREE rewards just for joining your Fan Club, and they can unlock more rewards by upgrading to the Ambassador or President's Club level of your Fan Club.

You can select from over 20 available rewards and personalize your Reward levels from Step 4 of our set up process. We've preset our recommendations for you by default.


It's our goal to deliver a beautiful Fan Club for you! Your fans will be able to access y
our fully personalized Fan Club online or within our mobile app.

If you're working with one of Success Specialists, then you've already sent us your favorite group photos and logo. These digital assets are now available for you to review here, on step 5.

We've also gone to great lengths to pull together as much of your Group information as we can find online. That means we've visited your website, looked up your social links (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.) and potentially even done some research on MaxPreps.

Please take a moment to check our work to insure that we've accurately represented your group. You can add, edit, update, or remove any information you see here.

Branding Tips:

Photo Gallery: When you set up or use your Instgram account for our Photo Gallery link, then we can pull in your most recent photos into the Photo Gallery page within the Fan Club mobile app.  


We've automatically set up an "evergreen" online donation event for your Fan Club. This allows your fans to directly support your group at any time. At least one fundraising event is required to activate your Fan Club.

From this step you can personalize the description of your event, set up a fundraising goal, and upload an event specific photo.


This is arguably the most important step in the set up process. We need to know where you'd like for us to send you the credit card sales and donations from your fundraising events.

We send out payments each month for any transactions received in the previous month. Every transaction is managed independently by The mGive Foundation, a non-profit donor advised fund.

Direct Deposit vs. Mailed Check 

We consider it a best practice to set up your payments for direct deposit through ACH.

To set this up, you'll need your banking account and routing number.

ACH is more secure, deposits are trackable, and instantaneous. We firmly believe it's worth the extra time to set this up.

Sending monthly payments by check is an option; however, a $25 fee will be issued for any lost check that we need to resend. The U.S. Postal Service is not accountable for any checks sent and "snail-mail" delivery can take up to two weeks.

Non-Profit Verification
If your organization is a tax-exempt 501(c)3 non-profit organization, then we can send tax-deductible receipts to your Fans / Supports for every Fan Club donation / sale.

To activate our tax-deductible giving options, you must upload a copy of your IRS Determination Letter and enter your Group's Tax ID / EIN number. You may provide this at a later time as well.

As soon as you see green check marks next to the above steps, you're ready to create your Fan Club!

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My Fan Club is active, now what? 
Congratulations, your Fan Club is active and ready for Fans!

So, what now you ask? Request a Seller Invitation flyer from support@fanclub.org and log in to https://admin.fanclub.org to take a look around.