Now that your Fan Club is set up, it's time to invite your Fans! 

Time is your most valuable resource, and it's our goal to keep you connected with your kids; coaching, teaching, and leading.

Too often your time is stolen by urgent administrative, marketing, fundraising, or sales needs and that's why we've designed every Fan Club to automatically handle every day tasks like customer lists, email marketing, event promotion, donation campaigns, monthly reporting, credit card processing, and social sharing.

Sellers Invite 25 Fans

Your Sellers (participants, students, athletes) will invite 25 family members, friends, colleagues, and fans during their initial registration. We'll send a series of welcoming emails that reward Fans with free perks before inviting them to attend events or make donations.

Average Statistics
Based on our averages, these emails raise $11.48 per invited Fan, or $287 per Seller within the first three weeks.

For Groups of 10, that's $2,870.
For Groups of 20, that's $5,740.
For Groups of 30, that's $8,610.

Seller Registration

Now, we all know how difficult it can be to motivate people to take action, and this is true for students too. As a result, we've kept the Seller registration process very simple.

Step 1: Download the 'Fan Club Fundraising' mobile app
Step 2: Join your Group as a Seller (Sign up with Facebook or Google)

Step 3: Invite your 25 Fans (Add contacts straight from your phone)

We've built in a couple motivators to inspire some friendly competition. All Sellers and Group Leaders can view
real-time stats, showcasing each other's performance, from our Seller Rankings page.

President's Club Memberships
Plus, every Seller that invites 25 or more Fans automatically earns a FREE President's Club membership and all of it's benefits.

Print Our Seller Flyer

Ok, now that you know the game plan, it's time to put the strategy in action. You should've received a custom Seller Registration Flyer in the activation email we sent you.

 If you can't find it, simply log in to the Fan Club Admin  to download this flyer from the bottom of your Group's profile page. Once you have your flyer, please print it out and distribute it to your Sellers.

2 Huddle Strategy

We recommend introducing the Fan Invitation strategy to your group in 2 phases. We call this our 2 huddle strategy. The perfect huddle happens at a time when you're already together; before practice, during class time, after a game, etc.

Huddle 1 (5 minutes)

- Have everyone search and download the 'Fan Club Fundraising' app for iPhone or Android

- Next, hand out our Seller Registration flyer, which includes a simple template to help Sellers identify their 25 biggest Fans.

Huddle 2 (5 minutes)

- Instruct Sellers to pull up the 'Fan Club Fundraising' app on their phone and complete the Seller Registration process.

- Watch their progress by refreshing the Seller Rankings page within the app on your phone.

Remember, every Fan invitation is worth money, so it literally pays to make sure that your Sellers sign up.

What's next? 
Email us a list of your upcoming events. We'll get them loaded for you and your fans!