Fan Club Fundraising merges everyday fundraising and marketing needs with education-focused technology. 

We are directly equipping group leaders with the tools they need while cutting out the control points that legacy fundraising companies and suppliers have unreasonably enjoyed for decades.

Everything around us is TECH...except fundraising. 


-Apple Pay lets you buy stuff without a credit card. 

-Drones are scheduled to begin delivering our packages. 

-Students have nicer phones than teachers. 

-Report cards and flyers are all digital. 


-Paper order forms still exist. 

-Donations have no accountability and BIG fees

-Data Entry…Data Entry...Data Entry

-There are vendors everywhere, but no unity, and a trial and error approach. 

-Customer lists don’t exist for groups

-Customer loyalty doesn’t exist, for groups, and cross-selling doesn’t happen

-Cash or check only… groups can’t accept credit cards

-Aggressive local sales reps

-No long-term strategy. Groups start over every year. 


A single mobile app with the following powerful features:

-A growing fanbase, year-over-year

-Marketing, sales, and fundraising in one place 

-Donations, digital products, and physical products in one place

-Digital order forms, no fees, or low fees

-Accept credit cards for every sale (event tickets, car wash, etc.)

-Sell Anything! A product agnostic approach, allowing Groups to choose what’s best for
 them within their overall strategy.

-Every supporter becomes a new Fan

-Keep score; real-time sales reporting and seller rankings for Group Leaders.

-Automatic email invitations to fans & reminders about upcoming events

-Text-to-Give codes for simple fundraising at live events

-Free perks & rewards for your most engaged Fans

-Live stream video and recorded event footage for fans to watch at work, home, or on the go! 

With Fan Club Fundraising, the Future of fundraising is here!

Every Fan Club is free! 
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