If you need to register as a Seller for your Fan Club, then your Group Leader has probably asked you to invite your Fans to participate in your upcoming donation (crowdfunding) campaign, or you have a physical product to sell to help your group raise more support.

Here are the steps you need to follow to register as a Seller:

STEP 1: Download the 'Fan Club Fundraising' mobile app

STEP 2: Reference the QR Code from the Seller Registration flyer that your Group Leader provided you or use the digital QR code from the 'Fan Club Fundraising' app on your Group Leader's phone.
Step 3: Join your Group as a Seller (Sign up with Facebook or Google)

Step 4: Invite your 25 Fans (Add contacts straight from your phone)

You are all set!
If you completed the above steps, you're now registered as a Seller and you can start selling products. Any Fans that you invited will receive their first donation campaign email around 10:00am CT on the Tuesday following your registration date.